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I was sixteen years old, when I fell in love with a girl. She was cool and I was not, so I needed a strategy. I started to write stories, because I wanted to impress her. My success was overwhelming: she fell in love with another guy.

Luckily I fell in love with stories and writing stories. A friend told me that writing stories is as difficult as flying a jet airliner and he was right. So I spent the next fifteen years with the mission to learn all I could about stories. Writing many pages, destroying them, writing again. I graduated (M.A.) from the Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany in 2003. 

In the beginning I concentrated only on fictional prose, but later on I started to write theatre plays, scripts and finally experimental video art. I also directed and adapted numerous theatre plays over the last fifteen years.

Since 2005 I have been teaching scriptwriting and dramaturgy at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Since 2017 I am also teacher-in-charge (subject dramaturgy) at HEO media school. 


I started to photograph in winter 2008.  It was a cold winter in Finland, the Porvoo river was frozen and I spent my days on the river with my camera. I fell in love with the abstract structures of ice: the cracks, the frozen waves, the bubbles inside the ice.  

I liked photography a lot, but first it was just another hobby for me. I concentrated solely on creative writing and theatre. But this changed later, when I started to explore the creative possibilities in photography.

Today photography  plays an important role in my career as a professional artist. 

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Over the last years i received grants from the Finnish Film Foundation, the City of Helsinki and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

At the moment I work on my "Lähteneet" project with the help of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


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